Turkey Buns: Thanksgiving Breakfast Just Became A Thing

For those of you already daydreaming about all of the gastronomic joy that is going to take place during Thanksgiving dinner this year, consider adding thanksgiving breakfast to the turkey day festivities. You have to get up early to watch the a Thanksgiving Day parade anyway; so, why not make these easy, tasty, and adorable little Turkey Buns with your kids? We made these last year and they were a huge hit. They’re seriously delicious, in the same perfectly salty sweet way of chicken and waffles. You can make the bacon and rolls in advance (or morning of) and then just have the little ones put everything together by adding the sugar googly eyes, candy corn nose, and sticking in the bacon feathers.
Your Favorite Cinnamon Rollshomemade, store bough, or pilsbury.
Baconwe used uncured-nitrate-free bacon, but you could use turkey, veggie, or whatever kind of bacon floats your boat
Sugar Googly Eyesyou can find these in most baking aisles
Candy Cornleft over from halloween and usually on clearance at the supermarket
Some kind of frosting to glue the eyes and nose in

1. Make cinnamon rolls and set aside until you’re ready to decorate them. 
2. Cook bacon in a sheet pan lined with foil in a 400° oven for between 15-25 minutes, draining the fat midway through to help the bacon crisp. Baking it keeps the bacon from curling like it would on a skillet (also cuts down on the grease splatter). Once it’s done, allow the bacon to cool on paper towels to soak up excess grease. You want to make sure you get the bacon crispy so that you don’t have a saggy turkey tail.
3. Use the icing to make three dots on which the eyes and nose can stick.
4. Stick the bacon pieces in between outermost circle of the cinnamon roll in the style of a tail feather.

After they made their first normal “turkey”, I let the boys go to town with the googly eyes and icing so that they could make a monster turkey. So. Much. Fun.

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One thought on “Turkey Buns: Thanksgiving Breakfast Just Became A Thing

  1. How delightful! I’ll have to try them this year for sure. Thanks for the idea.

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