Hear ye, hear ye: Unexpected Learning during Mommy’s Audiology Test


After attempting to pacify my boys with a Chick-fil-A breakfast for 30 minutes prior to seeing doctor and with a lollipop for the 10 minute examination I was competently out of tricks and bribes. Thus my shudder of trepidation when I was told I would need to go back to Audiology for several hearing tests. A place that requires absolute silence and my little thing one and thing two do not mix. As I wheeled my giant double stroller back to the testing area I was fully prepared to be told that I would need to reschedule my hearing screenings. I was, therfore, pleasantly surprised when I met the infinitely understanding audiologist who not only helped problem solve hope to keep my boys happy while she conducted my test, but also turned the test into a learning experience for my 3 year old son. The boys “helped” her as they watched me through the observation window. She explained the test and how it checked mommy’s hearing.


I made sure to get her name and sent an email of thanks and recognition to the clinic administrator before I even left the parking lot. Feeling grateful this morning 🙂


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