A Petting Zoo and a Letter B Activity at Maxwell’s Grade A School


Today was Maxwell’s 8th day (4th week) of his two day a week Mother’s Day Out Program. He went on a Letter B hunt and the school rented a petting zoo for all of the kids because they learned about the 6th day of creation when God made all of the animals (it’s in a church).

We-could-not-be-more-happy with the school. Maxwell is excited to go every day and every day his teachers plan something special. This week they’re focusing on the letter B and the teachers had the kids make Binoculars to go on a B hunt where they collected things starting with the letter in their handmade B Box Backpack. Too sweet right.



A few weeks ago they collected 7 snacks each representing a day of creation  (the theme of the whole school chapel time that day).


Academically, Maxwell isn’t super challenged but I’m very grateful they’ve been working on scissor skills and writing-both skills I struggle to give him one on one instruction due to an overly interested little brother.

The most important factor in the skills 2 favor is that Maxwell is associating school and learning with fun and friendship.


More on our choice to send our son to a Mother’s day out program twice a weeek in homeschool:
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