Boys Swinging Birches and The Peace of Wild Things


Today I felt like quitting. One can only endure so much screaming, throwing, yelling, and biting. I wanted to cry, scream, and walk off of the job, but being a mother doesn’t allow for such selfish impulses. Instead, I parked the car, stepped out, took a few deep breaths, made two sandwiches, got back into the car and headed for the one place I knew could cool my soul and quiet my mind-the woods.

After a picnic lunch, I could already breath more deeply. The tall pines with their spicy warm scent cast long shadows in the afternoon sun and I didn’t have to be afraid of the boys breaking them. The rocks too where made of much tougher stuff than even my little ruffians and I didn’t worry about losing one under a peace of furniture or breaking one underfoot. The birds may have objected to our boisterous racket, but they’re a significantly less judgemental lot then the public at large. I suppose once you’ve taught your children to fly you can take pity on the ineptitude of human parents.

Amazingly, the boys seemed to sense that they were not the most wild things within earshot and stopped trying to claim the title in favor of observing bugs and collecting nature’s ephemera.

Our walk reminded me of two poems:
Birches by Robert Frost


The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry


It’s amazing how one beauty so often summons up memories of others and how the peace of the woods can stay with you throughout the day.


2 thoughts on “Boys Swinging Birches and The Peace of Wild Things

  1. Jennie,I am so Happy that the woods still brings peace to you. It is the place I love best. And the memories of you sleeping beside me in the blind during deer season. It is one of the best places to sleep. Or sit and watch the squirrel come in close and then watch them jump when you move. It is amazing how the Boy’s even slow down and see the nature. I Hope it becomes a place of Peace & Calm for them to.

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  2. Lovely and honest post. We all have days like this. The challenge is how we deal with them. Looks like you turned it around. šŸ™‚

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