Our New Homeschool Routine: The Word of the Week!


Reading, writing, letter recognition, phonetics, thematic crafts, and more- yes please. After the unexpected success of number of the day I decided to take the Painter’s Tape to another poster (the high-frequency word poster to be exact) and introduce THE WORD OF THE WEEK (it’s in all caps to emphasize the major hyping up I did to sell this idea to Maxwell).

What does “selling an idea” to a 3 year old look like? Well, the night before I told him his favorite toys were making him a surprise in homeschool – word of the week! Then I made conditions to see it, have to be dressed, follow directions and so on, to make it seem like a privileged for big boys only. Last I just acted really excited about wondering what the word was when we finally got down to it.

What to do with a word of the week:
First, look at the picture and have child attempt to guess by sounding out what letters might be in the word.
Then slowly peel tape, revealing one letter at a time, and check the prediction against actual word.
Cover up the word and have child put the words letters in the correct order. I actually choose to break word up into the sound parts instead of by letter to make it easier for sounding out.


Have  child practice writing the word. In addition to exposing Maxwell to high frequency words, working on fine motor skills and writing is my second big motivation for this activity.


Identify the word in a book. This is great for helping little ones realize that there are individual words that make up a sentence, a paragraph, a page, and a book.


Notice that I’m introducing the words in all lower-case letters instead of all upper case. When reading kids will most often experience all lower-case words and therfore it makes their life easier if you teach them high frequency words in all lower-case

Then depending on the word I will do different thematic activities.
APPLE lends itself to any number of fun Fall crafts and activities.

I’ll be adding our new APPLE related activities throughout the week.

One thought on “Our New Homeschool Routine: The Word of the Week!

  1. He seems to be writing the word apple pretty good. He has a little control problems. But he is getting the main idea. He is doing Great it won’t take long to catch on. GREAT JOB TO ALL.

    Liked by 1 person

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