So, We Found A Parachute…


So, we found a parachute while cleaning out some boxes today,  and Maxwell wants nothing more than to play with it tomorrow at homeschool. So, I’m gonna make it happen.

The plan:
Normal homeschool routine with parachute joy at the end to keep the high energy to the end and to serve as an incentive to stay focused through o other activities.

“Normal Routine:
Hello Song
Pledge and US Geography
7 days of the week
Weather Chart and Graphing
Number of the Day
Nursery Rhyme
Story Time
Goodbye song review

While researching parachute activities I came upon  this great blog Read Sing Play and it inspired most of our lesson

-Nursery Rhyme
Come Under My Umbrella (tune of The More We Get Together)
Come under my umbrella, umbrella, umbrella
Come under my umbrella, it’s starting to storm
There’s thunder and lightning and wind and rain
Come under my umbrella it’s starting to storm


-Parachute comes out!
Act out songs:
Come under my umbrella
The Wheels on the Bus
Pop Goes the Weasle
-The grand finally…

I’m pretty sure they’ll be really amped up after this so well probably need to head to the park then.

I’m excited. Let’s hope they are too!


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