When Little Brothers Attack


Twenty-two months is the difference in age between a child who wants to play with toys and one who wants to eat them.

I’m really struggling right now to keep the peace and the integrity of our lessons with an increasingly “involved” 19 month old. When we started our hour a day homeschool less than a month ago Patrick was perfectly happy to wonder the play room and check into our activities when we were singing our making animal noises. I’m excited that he wants to be more engaged now, but ripping color labels of the wall and literally throwing today’s color activity in the trash is very upsetting to big brother and not the least bit distressing to me.

So far I’ve explained to Maxwell that we have to teach Patrick to be a big boy like him and that we’ll do our special Patrick free activities during baby brother’s nap. This works insofar as Maxwell will now yell instructions and remonstrations at his brother instead of just crying, but I haven’t been able to follow through on nap time special lessons because Patrick has been napping less and less.

I don’t have a solution to this problem yet, but will continue to try to encourage them both and minimize the damage.

Suggestions welcome.


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