Color Sorting + Scissor Skills= Geometric Art Project

We’ve been working on sorting and scissor skills this week. So, Saturday is a great day to bring the two skills together in this super simple Geometric Art project.  Check out the posts Sorting by Color and Rocking Your Kid’s World and While Baby Brother Was Napping… the scissors came out from earlier in the week

Safety scissors
3-5 colors of construction paper (child’s choice is best)
Glue (I recommend the liquid glue to sticks for the 3+ kids because the squeezing motion is great for developing their finger strength and fine motor skills, but a glue stick will get the job done if that’s all you have)
Markers the same color as the paper

Child will be able to identify colors
Child will be able to recognize color words
Child will be able to sort objects by a single attribute (color)
Child will be able to use scissors to cut paper with adult assistance

A note on objectives: these are variations on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and are likely very similar to objectives for prek in most states. The expectation is not that the child will master the objective after just one lesson, but rather that they are simply working towards mastery over time

Super simple stuff here-just let your kiddo choose 3-5 colors of construction paper, help them cut it with safety scissors, divide paper into geometric quadrants using matching colored markers, help them glue their paper pieces onto the corresponding quadrants,  and then hang it up for all to see.

1. Have two pairs of scissors – one for you and one for them. This way you can show them how to cut.
2. Hold and move the paper for them at first so they can focus on learning the open and closing motion of snipping.
3. Keep it easy and positive. This is a super challenge skill for little ones to master. So, don’t try to make any specific shapes at first,  and focus on their effort more than the accuracy of their cutting.






4 thoughts on “Color Sorting + Scissor Skills= Geometric Art Project

  1. That’s a fun project. 🙂 you can also use paint strip to cut….kids love it!

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