Sorting by Color and Rocking Your Kid’s World


Painter’s tape (my best friend)
Pictures of various objects that are primarily one color
Color word cards
A Wall
(We used a color wall display we bought from a teacher store, but you could easily use magazine pictures and construction paper. )


Song Video: What Color Do You Like?
The boys love, love, love this color song (especially Patrick), and I find myself singing the tune all day too

Book: and to name but just a few: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue By Laurie Rosenwald


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Child will be able to identify colors
Child will be able to recognize color words
Child will be able to sort objects by a single attribute (color)
Also builds vocabulary

A note on objectives: these are variations on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and are likely very similar to objectives for prek in most states. The expectation is not that the child will master the objective after just one lesson, but rather that they are simply working towards mastery over time

The Rocking Your Kid’s World Part:
Although it could be fun to set this activity up with your kiddo-especially an older kid who could cut out the color objects from a magazine-there’s nothing quite as awesome as surprising your little one with a wall full of colorful fun when they wake up.
Investing kids in learning is 80% of the struggle to get them learn and let’s face it, colors are just cool, and this simple painters tape grid changes wall decorations into an interactive game.

The teaching sorting part:
1. Sell it- “wow! Look at this color wall! All of these colorful things want to be in their color rectangle. Can you help me sort, or put them in the right place?”
2. Show how it’s done- Choose an object and have them name it. Ask what color it is and speculate where it might go. This models the thought process of sorting for them. Then choose the correct location and stick it down.
3. Have them help you-Have them choose a picture, ask them what color it is and where they think it goes. Help them stick it down.
-Repeat doing it with them until they seem to grasp the concept of sorting. This may not happen at all the first few times and you may need to do it with them for the whole activity.
-When they grasp the sorting concept act like you’re going to put one in the wrong place and have them instruct you how to do it correctly.
-For younger kids just focus on naming the colors while sorting.
4. Do it on their own- If they’re able they can then sort all of the pictures. Encourage them to name the objects as they go.  “This is a yellow lemon and this is a yellow ducky. They’re both yellow do they go together.”



Encourage Self-Correction


-If a purple flower ends up in the pink rectangle. Saying “no that’s wrong” could intimidate them from trying. Instead try “hmmm I notice something funny about one of the pictures in your pink rectangle. Do you see something that looks different than the pink things?”

5. Wrapping it up- When all of the objects are sorted it’s time to CELEBRATE and review! “Yay! All of the pictures are in their color rectangles! You worked so hard sorting all of these things by their color! ” Then identify each color again and try to have them tell you what is in each color.


-This could be done on a smaller scale as a folder game
-On a magnet board
-You could sort actual objects onto colored paper. Apples on red, green, or yellow paper.
-With contact paper instead of painters tape.

How do you teach colors and sorting?


5 thoughts on “Sorting by Color and Rocking Your Kid’s World

  1. In the pictures He looks so invested in putting the objects in the right spots. And then at the end He looks so Happy and Proud of what He has done. Great Job Maxwell !! I see little Patrick even is getting into it. And Jennie You should get a Big BRAVO for all the great work and thought you have put into This !! I think the investment you are putting into the Boy will pay Big Dividends in the near future.GREAT JOB !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! They really do enjoy it. Their excitement is reward enough. Patrick really did get into it too even though he doesn’t know his colors yet, and Maxwell was doing it on his own this afternoon.


  2. Thankyou so much for this post, it has been a source of inspiration today, on a much smaller scale. It was so much fun

    Liked by 1 person

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