What Works For Us: Making Maxwell a Teacher Too


Tipping Woody over and pouring him out

Empower your child by giving them the chance to “teach” their toys and siblings:

Why it works: There are so few things in a child’s life they actually control and so few opportunties for them to lead. “Teaching” their toys allows them to have control, lead, and process what they’re learning all at the same time.

Our nursery rhyme of the week is “I’m a Little Teapot” and my plan was that each day Maxwell would work on his gross motor skills by acting out the rhyme. Maxwell was having none of it.

So, instead…enter Woody and the round up crew. Maxwell didn’t want to act it out himself, but he loved helping his toys “be little teapots”. I modeled for him by making his little brother Patrick a little teapot on my lap. This a great way to include little brother as well and he LOVED being tipped over.


Class is in session:


Maxwell makes sure all of his “students” are ready every day before we do our hello song.


Hello song: Although it takes awhile, we make sure every single toy is greeted and “does a little jumping and a little clapping” just like Maxwell.


The Pledge of Allegiance: We have some very patriotic toys.

I may only have two kids, but our classroom is always full when Mr. Maxwell is teaching..

2 thoughts on “What Works For Us: Making Maxwell a Teacher Too

  1. This is a great idea! We’ve also encouraged our older children to mentor the younger ones. They love it.

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