While Little Brother Was Napping…the scissors came out.


I’ve been meaning to work on more fine motor skills with Maxwell for awhile now, and today Patrick actually took a decent nap at home (as opposed to in the car). So, I broke out the safety scissors and glue.

Before we started I set extremely clear and explicit expectations about how scissors are used.
-only used with an adult
-only cut paper (we repeated this at least a dozen times,  but he still acted like he was going to cut his lip)
-only use one hand

Sold the activity as for “big boys who follow directions”. He was as proud of “being very careful” as of his actual artwork.


When I used to teach preschool scissor work was one activity that could bring kids to tears with frustration and self-doubt. To avoid this I try to emphasize the importance of persistence “wow, you’re trying so hard! It can be tricky, but I can tell you’re going to be able to do it because you’re doing (identify specific thing they’re doing well).

Also, I’m going to do only free form self guided projects until his proficiency is developed. This way I hope to avoid his concerns that he’s “doing it wrong”. Then I’ll draw simple lines and shapes for him cut along.

Since Maxwell is usually of the mindset that more is more I was actually very surprised at how careful he was with the glue.

Scissors and glue have to be supervised pretty closely. So, this’ll be a Patrick nap time activity for awhile to come



4 thoughts on “While Little Brother Was Napping…the scissors came out.

  1. This is such a valuable activity. I love that you allow him to create however he wants! Wonderful.

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  2. I came across some fabulous scissors in an activity pack from CVS – they cut only paper, nothing else at all. They look like regular small scissors with the cutting blades removed; they’re just squared-off plastic blades that shear off the paper between them. You can pinch the skin between your fingers if you try hard (we tried), but can’t cut thread or fabric (hair or clothes) and would take more dedication than we have to see if they’ll cut skin, but I doubt it. I’ve never seen anything like them! Can’t actually find them right now (think they’re in the car?) or I’d send you a photo. “Child safe” usually means “can’t stab people,” but those are actually child safe.

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