Morning 14: Easy Like Sunday Morning?


Sweet moments like this where they're ACTUALLY SHARING make me so glad to have multiple kiddos.

This morning my husband tried to let me sleep in by taking the boys down stairs and making breakfast- super sweet, but by the time he was up with the boys at 8:30 I’d already been trying to convince Patrick (who co-sleeps) to go back to bed for 3 hours. I say he tried, because Maxwell kept running upstairs trying to  lure out of bed by informing me it was “homeschool time”. The unrelenting sweetness of this caused me to get up within 45 minutes.

We did a normal, although maybe slightly simplified, lesson, but it got me wondering: do I need to do homeschool every day? My initial instinct is to say “yes,  absolutely!” Because one of my foremost reasons to do prek homeschool is to establish a daily routine.

Maybe Sunday we should do something special/different (preferably easier) than every other day of the week.

I’m very interested to hear from others about what you do on Sundays.  Do you do homeschool every day?

One thought on “Morning 14: Easy Like Sunday Morning?

  1. Jennie the two of those little Men Love each other so much. You can see it in there smiles.They may try to hurt each other ever so often. But you have have and are doing such a GREAT Job ! Love You All.

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