Baking-Sheet Magnet Board


When I saw this idea executed at a preschool a year ago I was awed by is simplicity, resourcefulness, and efficiency.

You’ll see me using this tool for many many lessons, and with a wide variety of magnets.

The lightest and cheapest baking sheet you can find
Heavy duty velcro command strips  (I choose velcro instead of traditional command strips so that I could take it off of the wall to make Magnet Board portable)
A wall (preferably minimal texturing so that it’ll stick)

How to make it:
Apply i strips on all four corners (follow instructions on the package) and then magnet away to your heart’s content.

How to use it:
The possibilities are as various as the magnets you can find.
-story board with figure magnets
-spelling words (as you can see pictured here)
-sorting activities (shape, size, color,  upper/lower case,  letters vs numbers and so on)
-in addition to magnets you can also use the gel window clings that always seem to be in the dollar bin.
-keep an eye on my blog for more ideas as I come up with them
-magnetic gears

-for a more permanent-heavy-duty option you could use large mechanic’s oil pans and screw them into the walls (super permanent)
-use your refrigerator or dishwasher instead

Have you used something like this? How do you use magnets?


2 thoughts on “Baking-Sheet Magnet Board

  1. Jennie shouldn’t even say this. But Guy’s make sure they aren’t Aluminum.

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