Morning/Evening 10: Better A.M., Perfectly Messy P.M.


I’m happy to say that after yesterday morning’s fiasco today’s AM homeschool time was a pleasant return to normal. So normal, that instead of sharing about the first 45 minutes of our structured play today I’m going to share about our 30 minute art activity at the end of the day-and yes, I know that 45+30= more than an hour of homeschool, but 60 minutes is my base daily goal.

4pm is always a difficult time of day for us-post nap by a few hours, but still not quite dinner time. Add to that a heat index of over 105° and I was desperate to figure out something to do inside. Because I’m a masochist of the first order, I thought “hey let’s get out the paint”. As is evident in the pictures it was a mess, but the silver lining was that it gave us an excuse for a cooling-post-art spray down in the backyard.image

imageTo be honest, I’ve never really minded the mess caused by paint because it’s just so darn fun.

Today I used painters tape (aka my best friend) to make shapes on thick paper before letting the boys go to town with “washable” paint. I say “washable” because despite what the bottle of paint may advertise my youngest son’s arms still resemble those of a pale smurf.

After the paint dried, I revealed their shapes at dinner. It kind of rocked their world. There’s still blue paint on our carpet, but eh, whatchagonnado.



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