Morning 9: The Best Laid Plans…often end in getting bitten by a toddler.


Last night while I was rearranging the playroom for what I was sure would be an epic “Number 9 Race” activity to drive home the concept of one-to-one correspondence (see what I did there) and our number of the day I imagined the joy of my Cars movie obsessed boys as they counted cars and raced them around the track to  number 9 at the finish line. Roughly ten hours later these fancies where quickly put to rest by barking dogs, a disinterested 3 year old and a very destructive 18 month old.

Maxwell couldn’t focus on counting the number of the day because Patrick was ripping up  the 9 tiny pieces of tape I’d used to mark our starting line, and eventually it just devolved into throwing cars, eating tape,  and what drove me over the edge(I can’t help myself with these car puns) Patrick biting me on the shoulder when I tried to pick him up off of the racetrack.

*sigh*shake my head*facepalm*

We powered through the rhyme of the day and our story time, but I literally came away from it with bruises to show for my efforts and I question how much learning the boys came away with.

Fast forward to this evening before bathtime and Maxwell wanted to do homeschool again. So, either he recognized that we needed a do-over from this morning or he had so much
fun he wanted to do it again. I don’t know for sure, but to keep me trucking on to morning 10 I’ll assume it’s the latter.

2 thoughts on “Morning 9: The Best Laid Plans…often end in getting bitten by a toddler.

  1. Jennie Maxwell is doing better than a lot of drivers. He is keeping on the right lane except to pass. Good driver in the making. So see you have to be doing something right.

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