Vacation: Under Estimating How Much My Son Likes Homeschool


Today, day 3 of our beach vacation, my son started crying because he wanted to “do homeschool”. Mind you the past three days have been nothing if not the proverbial fun, fun, fun. in the sun, but I guess the same way you’d want a piece of apple pie after too much creme brule, Maxwell wanted what was familiar-he wanted his routine.
I’ve long believed the adage that “kids thrive on routine”, but this drove it home for me. There is nothing mind blowingly fun about our homeschool routine and in no way does it come close to the glories of the ocean, but Maxwell knows what to expect, he feels like he has control, and he feels successful.

Luckily I had bought some “special books” for our trip that I could dole out in just these instances. We also had some paper, crayons, stickers, and a toy car and we “made a vacation” on paper for his car to drive on.

We’re having fun, but I know come next Monday he’ll be ready to peel day 7 off of our number chart.


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