Number Farm Activity


Plastic animals
Marker or crayon

Child will be able to count objects
Child will be able to write the focus number with assistance
Child will use one-to-one correspondence to count

A note on objectives: these are variations on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and are likely very similar to objectives for prek in most states. The expectation is not that the child will master the objective after just one lesson, but rather that they are simply working towards mastery over time

Choose a focus number (we use our daily 0-120 chart).


-Make a really really big deal about how amazing the number is. “The number___ is very delicious too and farm animals like to eat them.”


-We used green paper and hand over hand drew the number 5 five times with me helping less each time.


-We then counted out five animals and each animal got to eat it’s own 5.

-Have younger siblings make the animal sounds for each animal


-Build classification skills by having only birds, only horses, or any other specific group.
Example: offer a dog or a goose and said “we only want birds in our farm today. Which one of these is a bird? How can you tell?” Point out similarities and differences among different animals


-Compare animals of different sizes. The animal toy set we use has three of each animal (big, medium, small)


-shorten activity by removing the number writing section
-make a craft activity by actually drawing a cute farm together

The great thing about doing this at home is that your child can discuss and share the activity with other family members.  So,  encourage them to count the animals and discuss the numbers with dad, siblings (older or younger), their toys; the more they talk about it the more language skills they build and the more investment in the activity.

This is the first lesson I’ve shared on this blog and I’d love to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Was the explanation of the lesson clear? Would you like more information? Lemme know!
And remember teaching your little ones doesn’t need to be perfect as much as it needs to be fun!


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