Morning 5: Being Totally Honest, homeschool with a 3 year old and 18 month old is really difficult.



It’s day 5 of homeschool and so far the purple pointer has been destroyed, two monkey decorations for the calendar have been lost, the sentence strips have been scattered to the four winds, one marker was almost completely ingested, the feelings chart has been pulled down twice, and the arrow for the weather wheel disappeared five minutes into the first class.

All that said, Maxwell (3) still loves homeschool time. Patrick (18 months) not so much, from his perspective it’s just a time where mommy and Maxwell kind of ignore him, occasionally sing songs with him and let him make animal sounds, tell him not to touch things and then finally he gets a story at the end. This is obviously far far far from ideal and I wonder what other people do to make the little feel more included. I have special homeschool time toys for him and try to include him as much as possible, but I’m thinking it’ll be time that helps the most. The older he gets the better it’ll be.




3 thoughts on “Morning 5: Being Totally Honest, homeschool with a 3 year old and 18 month old is really difficult.

  1. I know it’s nice to include him (little man) but my sister-in-law who homeschools also does most of the older kids lessons during naptime for the little ones. We don’t do a specific 1-hour a day pre-school homeschool for my kids but I definitely do pull out more complicated learning activities for Ethan when he wakes up from his nap since he’s usually up a good 30-45 minutes before his little brother….

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    • That’s a great suggestion. So far the more basic stuff has been okay with little man, but there are definitely activities I’d like to do that would be too much with brother. Nap time would be perfect.


  2. I just saw on your other posts that you’ve tried to do nap time too with some interruptions, good luck!


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