Morning 4: Starting a New Month Together


Goodbye July, goodbye July
We’ll see you in 12 months!
Hello August,  hello august
You are the 8th month!
(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Today was a special mommy and Maxwell only homeschool since baby brother was at his Little Gym class with Daddy. We had our first month change and instead of “resetting” the calendar the night before I had Maxwell help me “wipe away the month”-yet another benefit of a laminated calendar.

On Monday we have a beach trip with family planned so we made sure to put that on the calendar as well. This really helps cut down on the “are we going to the beach today?  When are we going to the beach? I want to go to the BEACH!” outbursts.


Another exciting thing about starting a new month is turning our family calendar page. I make these as Christmas gifts for our family each year. Each months pictures are from the same month the previous month.


We also changed “Jack be Nimble” yet again. Using the same rhyme repeatedly makes it easier for kiddos to spot changes/differences. Yesterday I removed the letter J and today I changed “over the candlestick” to “UNDER”


The real fun was doing this ourselves and then telling silly Ole jack how to do it right and Maxwell, myself and the entire toy story crew took turns jumping under and over. This is great for teaching positional words.


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