Morning 3: Changing, maintaining, and extending


We’ll be revising and solidifying the morning routine for a few weeks to come until we come up with exactly what works. That being said, there does need to be a fair amount of consistency in order to achieve our goal of building routine and providing a structure in which the boys can effectively learn.

What doesn’t change:
-Hello Song
-Pledge of Allegiance  (what can I say? I love America)

-Feelings chart
-Calendar time
-Weather Chart
-Nursery Rhyme
-0-120 Number Chart
-Colors and Shapes
-Story time

-Goodbye song

The order of the things in the middle may change, but that’ll firm up eventually. If Maxwell is super pumped about the weather one day and wants to do it first I’m not going to say no. The important thing is that all of those things happen somewhere between Hello and Goodbye songs.

Extension 1:
Today we extended the Nursery rhyme we’ve been doing by removing the Js in jack be nimble and “funny reading” it without the missing letter. Maxwell then had to guess which letter to add and then I helped him write it. He thought this was hil-ari-ous.


Extension 2:


After reveal our number of the day “3”. We made a “3 Farm” by using animal manipulatives that we had in sets of three. This was fun for Patrick because he was able to say the sounds and sing along to
“3 little___” geese, dogs, and chickens
Three little ___ went (swimming, running, walking) one day
Over the pond and far away
Mother ___ said “quack,____,___” and all 3 little_____ came back.

Then he “fed them 3s” by writing the number on their farm (see pictures)


Somehow class was only 40 minutes today despite all of this extra stuff. Thinking we’ll do a music and dance time this afternoon and then evening letter to make our 60 minute goal


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