An hour a day begins tomorrow morning


It’s after midnight and I’m finally done preparing the boys’ Homeschool in our playroom. By homeschool I mean that I hope to have an hour of structured play everyday- 45 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes before bed. Maxwell helped pick many of the school features, but there’s several surprises for him as well-most notably the Toy Story banner. I’m hoping that Patrick will be excited too.I know he’ll like the songs, and the color and shape posters will be a focus activity for him. I bought him a couple of new puzzles for when we’re doing “big kid stuff”. Although I am proud of the little room I put together for them, I mostly took these pictures as evidence that the room did indeed look this organized at one time just in the case that it gets destroyed tomorrow.

wpid-20150728_2349590.jpg  wpid-20150728_234905.jpg cropped-wpid-20150729_105326-011.jpeg wpid-20150728_235056.jpg

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