Morning 2: Short but Sweet

Today Maxwell has a camp at The Little Gym at 9:30am, so it wasn’t practical to do the full 45 minute class. Instead, we did a simplified 30 minute lesson and then added another little 20 minute session at the end of the day.

We tried to do it with just the two of us before Patrick woke up, but you know…the best laid plans…dogs barked in the middle of calendar and baby woke up. Next time I’ll stick to the get dressed and eat breakfast first maxim.

Shorter Routine:
-Hello Song (we repeated for Patrick when he joined us)
-Days of the week song
-Calendar count and pattern extension
-season of the year (look at the pictures have him guess)
-sing months of the year song
(I’ll get back to you on what lyrics I used-can’t honestly remember)
-Weather check
We predict the weather first-explain vocabulary of weather prediction ect.
Look out of the window
We would of spun the weather spinner to the weather wheel, but Patrick ripped it off yesterday- sticking a piece of painters tape on it worked just fine.

-0-120 number chart number revealwpid-20150730_085535.jpg
Maxwell is ridiculously bought into this and talked about the chart all day yesterday and how excited he was to find the next “hiding number”
Since today’s number was two we counted/identified “two things” eyes, ears, hands (clapped), feet (jumped)


Maxwell “taught” Patrick shapes and colors

-Nursery Rhyme: Jack Be Nimble (repeated from yesterday since he b struggled to find and circle the Js)
All took turns jumping over candle stick-even buzz lightyear.


-Maxwell chose “The Very Busy Spider” from book caddy

-“Today I feel” Wheel:wpid-20150730_085653.jpg Maxwell found this at Target yesterday and had to have it (a dollar-why not) He really enjoyed stating that he felt happy, Patrick felt sad, and that mommy was also happy. Later in the day he used it again when his balloon popped and he was then sad 😦


-Goodbye song (include everyone and parts of the class – calendar, number of the day, Jack be nimble etc)


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